Hard work pays off

"I would always tell my kids, 'we're going to get one of those houses.'"


Tamika was living near downtown Waukesha with the support of friends, and watched the progress of the Habitat homes being built on White Rock Avenue. She had been in Waukesha for only a few months, but somehow knew this was where she would call home.


Tamika knew that Habitat requires a family to live in Waukesha County for at least one year before applying for the homeowner program, so she spent the next several months working on creating a budget and making sure her credit was in good shape. "It's important to be financially set to be able to be a part of a program like this," she said.


She had owned a home in Milwaukee when she was married, but she couldn't afford to buy a house on her own.


"I didn't want to rent, but I knew I needed to have something stable for me and the kids, and I didn't want to be bouncing around," she said. "That was important for me to work really hard to make sure I had stable housing for me and the kids....that was a must. I would work two or three jobs. I was going to make sure we were okay."


When she had been in Waukesha for one year, she submitted her application. It came as no surprise that the hardworking, single mom was approved for Habitat's program.


Like many people, Tamika had her share of struggles, but she worked hard to ensure her family's security. Not only did she obtain a full time job shortly after moving to Waukesha, but she is also working toward getting her accounting degree.


Tamika believes owning your own home comes with many benefits. "I would definitely say being in control of your environment....it's definitely a peace of mind, that's a major benefit. And just having the freedom to do what it is you want to do with your home. Not necessarily having to ask this question, or is it okay if I paint this or is this okay....just having that free range to experiment with your home. And just to be comfortable. That all around comfortable feeling. That's definitely a benefit and I look forward to that."


While doing her sweat equity, Tamika met Erika, a future Habitat homeowner who will become her new neighbor. "I can't wait for them to move in and we get to know each other. That's going to be a great feeling," she says.


Tamika is grateful to all of the donors and volunteers who support Habitat Waukesha.


"I appreciate all the hard work that they are doing and they continue to do.... And to have people who work together to help those people is just really, really appreciated. To have an organization like this...you're not making a whole lot where you can go get a loan... To have a program like this to have the opportunity to still be a homeowner, it's just outstanding. It's outstanding."


Your support helps parents like Tamika build a decent place to call home for their children. No gift is too small. Please consider making a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County today!


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